Please fill out the Online COVID-19 Questionnaire the day of your appointment! 


During these times we are doing extra to keep our beautiful wellness center clean and protected from COVID-19. Our staff will be tested every 14 days with proper documentation as requested by the State of NY.  We will also be providing daily health screens to make sure each staff member is healthy and able to provide excellent customer service in a safe and comfortable environment.  All staff members with take precautions when cleaning treatment rooms before and after every treatment. Treatment room cleaning checklists will be hanging in all of the treatment rooms for you to see.  Because our employees are coming in contact with our clients (you) we want to make sure we are taking extreme caution with re-opening. Therefore, to keep our clients (you) and our staff safe we will be requiring a client health questionnaire to be filled out and submitted day of service. This questionnaire can electronically be filled in and submitted from our website, or we will have a copy available upon checking in. Please make sure to arrive to your appointment 10-15 minutes early to allow time for the health screening required. Namaste’

In the event a client or  employee test positive for COVID -19, we will notify all other clients we feel necessary as requested by the state of NY. We are taking the virus very seriously and will work hard to keep everyone safe.